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The art of placing your web site in a position so that it comes within the first few web sites pulled up through a search engine is called search engine optimization. The pages that come up are called search engine result pages (SERP) and these come up due to a query for a particular keyword. This can give you more traffic in your site and then if you have something to sell through your site – like some services or DVDs or a crème – you get a way to be visible to more and more prospective customers. This can give more leads and sales through your site, which is the reason you would like to be the top few sites in the SERP.

To get the site optimized, you need to enrich it with keywords or phrases that are used in the content of your site. These keywords must describe the topic and also should be a word that is a common search term. After the selection of keywords you need to place them meaningfully within your articles and also in the title – in each page. The placing of the words and phrases are important for optimization of the page and the evolving of a meaningful and crisp article is what is required. The next thing would be to link other external pages with this page of your site.

In India you will find some professional institutions that will be able to help you to optimize your site and you can give them the job if you do not feel comfortable doing the full optimization yourself. There are numerous sites that will also give you ideas and guidelines on how to create keyword rich articles for your site. Once you have started to do it yourself – you will find it interesting and challenging too. Take the help of friends who have already floated sites that are getting attention as optimized site. The keywords and the articles in which you place them have to be informative and soon you will be working full time to highlight your site.

When you start using web page optimization – you can work with a single keyword and sometimes you can try two of the words – closely related to each other. Place the primary word within the first few lines and the next word a few words after the primary one. Write the article in simple words and do not stretch the sentences over 25 words. It helps the viewer to read the short sentences and grasp them quickly. The first few lines must describe the keywords and should be short and precise. The keywords are to be heavily place so the search engine gets the topic of your web page

The title of the article must be chosen with at least one of the keywords or phrases. Make the title descriptive and place the keyword meaningfully. This is because the title is displayed as the link – when the viewers try to find the words or sentences on the search engine. The title must be short – within 6-8 words and should be interesting to attract the clients to read the full page. Do not use JavaScript or flash to create the menu within the web page. The internal pages must link to the initial page and there must be a map of all the pages and there title for the search engine to index them.

The people do search for a few things over the internet and they do use the search engines like Google, Yahoo to find sites regarding the particular word. When your brand comes up with the search, it is called search engine marketing. The search engines find out the solutions with the keywords that are requested over there site and then gather a big number of sites that have the same keywords based content. The index of database is the collection of the names of sites and they do find out the best sites that have the usage of the keywords and bring up those name lists in response to the search.

You need to make sure of the usage of keywords so that the search engines do pick them up for indexing. While researching, you can try to find how many times the keywords are used in sites that come up in the search. There are different factors that are considered and the most important is the way the programming technique has been approved by the engines like the keyword tags. The title tag is another factor that is considered and the most important is the keyword usage in the articles. The content needs to be refreshed and there should be inbound links from important sites.

The search engines are marketing tools. The traffic is mostly free but they are also targeted and thus give you an idea of the response from them. The customers are self initiated and search for a particular good and then try to find the best site that is offering it. This can guide them to your site if your site comes up from the index of the engine and then you can sell the goods without much advertising. There are sites that talk about some specific subject and then goods related to the particular subject are shown with the content. This is another way to sell the goods related to the content of the site.

The printed media uses this sort of search engine marketing to get to more readers. When the print media is common to many readers – they make sure that there readers look up the magazines’ online version for some reason. The reason can be just to fill in a survey or give an opinion but the print media readers are thus converted to become online readers. The publication can also make sure that the online readers keep on their subscription with the print media too. Thus both the way – the publication get help with increase of readers through the search engine.

If you have your site linked with the main page of a topic – your site will be indexed as per the articles in your site and you will get the traffic from the main page. Another way of marketing is the pay per click option. The ads are posted on the page of the sites and you are paid when some visitors clicks on the ads. Your clients do click on the links from the search engines and land on the first page or landing page. You must make sure that the page has relevant discussions on the topic announced. You can also make the page appealing and user friendly to help the clients browse around easily. There are different ways to bring the traffic to your site which will make the marketing interesting.

To become a successful SEO expert one is required to adopt the knowhow of online and off line campaigning. The need to utilize search engine for correct optimization and at the same time have to set up a Word Press blog through internet to target sizable crowd is essential. Some bloggers are successful crowd pullers and also make money. A good SEO expert automatically wins trust of the intrepid entrepreneur.

The optimization specialist needs to improve the quality of the webpage by constant updating of its content to maintain its rank in the desired level. Blog user would find it easier since blog is updated automatically. Another efficient method is to set up reciprocal link exchange with a relevant site. Using few preferable high ranking website or blogs as possible articles presented pointing towards the original site yields in good result. Such strategies are pretty useful as article marketing through directories, forum posting, and blog commenting or using advertisements. These are the game plans through which the link is thrust upon the website from the other relevant sites or blogs with much ease.

It is always difficult to recognize the genuineness. In online business too this proverb holds good. A businessperson would adopt right technique if he proceeds by the advice of a reputable optimization firm. So, the most important point lies in the selection of the company hired. An optimization specialist must possess in depth knowledge of internet and so is required from the staff of the firm. Therefore prior to appointing, one would have to do some ground work to be conversant about the basics of SEO service. This insight would help in assessing properly if anything is wrong.

With such capability one can easily see whether the company uses any unethical method as use of such methods would result in the website getting blacklisted by the search engine. The expert must stick to the ethical practices and inform the customer of the limitations and possibilities. Effective communication between SEO expert and the website owner, is key to success. Complex dealing and non-communicative with the client will result in mistrust between SEO expert and the website owner. Good companies would place the performance in true format. Company unwilling to present in this systematic manner should be avoided. Before hiring a company the client should test their efficiency by asking necessary questions to their professionals. Also, past performances and past references of the company should be properly checked.

If one tends to change the course of the traffic it requires carefully scripting keywords using Word Press and forming content on the little pages. As an expert one should have equal flexibility between leading the on page advertisement and using the blog. Traffic should have equal access to two media either in the form of article on page or putting strategic banner placement etc. Article on page having the same content should be distributed off page with a same weight pointing towards the original. Building of the third site is thus made. Through article submissions to several popular network and private blog network would create a wide online advertisement campaign. Thus, using various networks result in fruitful link formation.

Search engine optimization services allow companies to top search engine listings, which in turn, boosts their online presence helping them earn more clients and more revenue from their online market place.

Search engine optimization services help websites improve search engine rankings through a number of strategies, like:

  • Using specific keywords throughout the website
  • Linking pages correctly and ensuring proper content
  • Removing problems that block spiders from searching the website
  • Building focused link campaigns to achieve more hits and attract search engines

What is White hat search engine optimization?

Any SEO strategy that does not compromise the integrity of a website is said to be a White Hat search engine optimization strategy. However, many so-called SEO experts try and ‘trick’ search engines into ranking websites on the top of their listings. These are called Gray Hat or Black Hat search engine optimization strategies. Black Hat search engine optimization strategies can propel the website to the top of listings in a short time but these websites tumble from the top positions just as quickly. Also, if a website is caught using black hat strategies, they are blacklisted from search engine rankings altogether.

Some of the most common White Hat search engine optimization techniques include:

  1. Website optimization: The backbone of any solid search engine positioning is the manipulation of content and site structure to achieve high rankings in search engines. This includes a number of strategies like the use of appropriate title, inserting the right keywords into meta tags, using descriptive keywords and tweaking web content. However, care must be taken to ensure that website optimization does not interfere with the quality of content and does not distract the visitor from message conveyed by the website.
  2. Internal links: A number of websites make use of fancy drop down menus or flash driven menus for navigation. But this makes it difficult for search engines to crawl through your website and many pages of the website remain unindexed. It is important to ensure effective navigation while designing the website so that spiders can index web pages efficiently and effectively.
  3. Back links: One of the most effective methods of topping search engine listings is to achieve as many back links as possible. Reciprocal linking earns additional links to a site. However, care must be taken to ensure that there is no random building of back links. A website must link with other websites that are related to it. Random back links do not earn you targeted traffic in the long run. In fact, it might make you lose precious customers.
  4. Content: By creating quality, fresh, unique content, websites can easily endear themselves to search engines. Quality content is useful to web visitors. Therefore, search engines give high importance to useful content. A website that is highly content rich appears at the top of listings. Therefore, although content creation is an arduous task, it is worth the effort as it yields rich dividends.

The above white hat search engine optimization strategies can help web sites catapult themselves to the top of listings.

SEO services are no longer a luxury afforded by large companies. It is a pre-requisite if a company wants to survive in the global market. That is why even small and medium sized companies are embracing it with ardor. In fact, SEO services are responsible for creating a level playing field for businesses of all sizes.

In the last decade or so, ever since outsourcing became an accepted reality for many companies in the developed world, India has been one of the most preferred outsourcing partners, regardless of the nature of service. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that more and more businesses are hiring SEO companies from India.

But, before you hire an Indian company, it is important to understand why India is considered best for SEO services.

Simple economics: One of the important reasons for hiring an SEO Company from India is the cost factor. Due to the difference in currency rate, most countries in the developed world find that it is more economical to hire an SEO Company from India than even using their in-house expertise for SEO. This is because SEO requires a deep understanding of the subject. As search engines make constant changes in their algorithm, SEO companies need to keep abreast of these changes and make required alterations in their strategies. This is a long term commitment. Therefore, developing in-house expertise to deal with SEO requirements does not make sense financially. It is much cheaper to outsource the same to a reputed company in India.

Scalability: Medium to small sized companies may have to deal with scalability issues sooner or later. Thus, it makes sense to hire an Indian company for SEO services. That way, they need not add more staff to their regular payroll.

Quality of expertise: Search engine optimization brings under its ambit a large number of services like web design, keyword research and implementation, article research, article submission, link building and so on. Professionals in India who have sufficient experience in SEO campaigns know exactly what search engines want. They know all about keyword optimization. They also know how to assess current strategies and make changes as per requirements. Moreover, these companies must also measure the ROI of their clients.

Customer support: if you choose wisely, it is possible to enjoy the right amount of customer support from the SEO company in India. Although there is a time difference, it is possible to stipulate certain times during which you will interact with the company. Since the SEO Company in India values it association with you, excellent services are guaranteed. However, to enjoy high quality of customer service, it is necessary to choose an SEO company of repute.

Quality driven, timely approach gives clients the kind of SEO results they want. By choosing an SEO Company that has been in the field of search engine optimization for many years and have worked with companies from different sectors, it is possible to leverage on their expertise and improve search engine rankings significantly. Reputed companies from India show their worth time and again by delivering results and augmenting their services from time to time.

With tremendous improvement in technology, growth in knowledge base and advancements in the service industry, India is becoming one of the most preferred service providers in Search Engine Optimization for the rest of the world. However, with a good number of Indian companies promoting themselves as the best SEO service providers in the world, hiring a reliable SEO company in India is a challenging task. Here are a few tips to help you choose a reliable SEO Company in India.


A good SEO company has to be reliable. They must provide their clients with their services on time. The best way to judge the reliability of an SEO Company in India is to check out the reputation of the company. If the company has been providing SEO services for some time and can provide references of happy clients, then, the SEO Company in India is reliable.


Even before you hire them, you need to have a clear idea of the SEO techniques the company will be implementing. This is crucial because many SEO companies all over the world employ black hat methods to achieve high rankings. You must make use of a company that is trustworthy and uses white hat practices. Knowledge of typical strategies employed by SEO Companies is a bonus as you can easily compare the services provided by the Indian company with the services provided elsewhere. As a general rule, SEO services are the same everywhere.


Before hiring an SEO Company from India, it is important to assess the quality of the staff. SEO is a long term strategy and you will be interacting with your SEO partner quite often. You want a company that responds to your queries quickly and handles English language with great versatility.

Finally, it is necessary to subject the SEO Company to an interview. This is the time to ask the SEO Company a number of important questions.

  • Find out the keywords for which their own website ranks. Make sure that these keywords are in demand and have sufficient competition. Only then can you assess their expertise.
  • When you ask for references, ask for clients from your niche. That way, you have a clear idea of how they implement SEO strategies and what the results are.
  • Check for any complaints against the company. A simple Google search will help you research the company.
  • The company’s website is a clear indication of their expertise. Clean design with text that flows around keywords and clear navigation are indicators of the expertise of the company. On the other hand, an SEO company that has simply stuffed their website with keywords must be avoided at all costs.
  • Find out if the SEO Company in India has a strong presence on social media websites. If the company is sharing good information and providing value to its followers, you are dealing with the right people.
  • Check and see how often their website is updated and for how long they have been in business.

The above tips can help you identify a reliable SEO Company in India.

Just because you are outsourcing your work offshore, there is no reason to take a beating when it comes to quality and results. A little caution is all you need to enjoy the best services from anywhere in the world.

Ask any webmaster what’s on the top of their wish list this holiday season and they’ll have one answer – more analytics tools. So, this holiday season, Google has offered what it calls a ‘Webmasters Tools Holiday Update’. Through this update, Google has essentially added top page queries and URL redirect reporting to existing tools.

Here is a quick explanation of features of these webmaster tools.

Top Page Queries in Query Reports:

The Google webmaster toolset has always given due importance to search queries. But, in recent times, webmasters have been clamoring for a tool that would enable them to see, evaluate and analyze search query data for individual pages of their website. By adding top page queries in query reports, Google has granted that wish.

Now, webmasters can see a new tab named ‘Top pages’ in the search queries feature. This tab reveals the data for the top pages of a website. Top pages are decided on the basis of their performance on Google Search. The tab lists click and rankings data of these pages.

Before the addition of this feature, webmasters used the ‘Top Queries’ feature in the ‘Search Queries’ page to assess the performance of the entire website. The new tab allows viewers to view a list of queries that drive traffic to one particular page in a website and lists the number of clicks per query. Thus, it is possible to assess how the query performs for different pages and across the entire website.

To make it easier for webmasters to filter query results, Google has also added pie charts which give a pictorial representation of the data classified according to location, traffic and search type.

URL Redirects in Link Reports:

This is the second update in the webmaster’s toolkit. It comes listed under ‘links to your site’ and will be listed in the link reports. The basic idea is to let webmasters know when a particular URL redirects. This is how it works.

Suppose you have a website on “Pet Dog Care”, and there is a link to your site that links to ‘Dog Shampoos’ which redirects to another page called ‘Dog Care Shopping Cart’, then, the report will show the link from ‘Dog Shampoos’ to ‘Dog Care Shopping Cart’ as an intermediate link. A ‘Download all links’ feature has been added to all the tables in this feature.

This shows that Google will pay attention when links are passed or redirected. However, the very use of the term as ‘intermediate links’ shows that these links are not as important as direct links.

Both of the above additions are designed to make life a little sweeter for webmasters. They help provide serious insights into page and site performance that may be utilized to improve traffic to the website. By seeing which search terms are bringing in visitors to each page of the site and understanding the ranking of that page for a particular search term, owners can make decisions on how to use their resources to better their search engine rankings. To get more information visit our website